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If you are considering an oil and gas lease on a farm already covered by a conservation or agricultural easement (or are applying or considering an easement) you must read the easement language to assure compliance with its expectations.  No two easements are written the same.

Primary points of interest to consider are:

  • Use of water on or under the property including streams, ponds, existing wells or drilling new wells

  • Approval of well location, access roads and pipelines to minimize impacts on prime soils and percentages of surface areas of the property disturbed

  • Tile and conservation practice repairs

  • Non-surface disturbance leases are also an option that can now be considered based on current technologies

  • Review of current CAUV standards for areas taken out of production by well pads/roads should be reviewed with your local County Auditor


Pipeline Standard and Construction Specifications

ODNR Division of Oil and Gas Resources Management

ODNR Division of Oil and Gas Resources Management - Shale Development

Ohio Oil and Gas Association

Leasing Farmland for Oil and Gas Production - OSU Extension

A Landowner's Guide to Oil & Gas Leasing in Ohio - Ohio Farm Bureau

Ohio EPA Commercial Laboratories


ODNR, Division of Oil & Gas Resources Management PowerPoint Presentation Part 1, Part 2

Click here for pipeline specifications from ODNR that are a good point of reference of issues to be reviewed if your property lies in the path of a proposed pipeline

Some interstate projects will have AIMA's prepared in advance, but short segments in state will likely be negotiated individually for producer lines, distribution and transmission lines.

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