1. Tree Sale Highlight: Red Osier Dogwood

    by Carrie Brown, Engineering Technician This week’s 2021 Tree Sale highlight is the Red Osier Dogwood. Though it tends to be a bit of an underdog, this beautiful red-stemmed shrub has a boatload of functionality. As a Soil and Water Conservation District, we advocate for this species often, as it is at the top of its class at stabilizing soilRead More >

  2. Tree Sale Highlight: Eastern Redbud

    by Carrie Brown, Engineering Technician This week we highlight a species that is common throughout Ohio, especially the southern two-thirds of the state. Nonetheless, it is such an eye-catcher that it deserves a bit of spotlight. There are few trees or shrubs that hold a candle to the beauty of the Eastern Redbud. With a profusion of showy, pink flowersRead More >

  3. Tree Sale Highlight: All Hail The King of Trees! OAKS!

    by Carrie Brown, Engineering Technician This week we introduce a group of trees that you are no doubt familiar with. However, you may not fully recognize the multitude of benefits they provide to you, me, and the greater ecosystem. Today we salute the king of all trees, OAKS! From plank flooring and kitchen cabinetry, to whisky barrels and railroad ties,Read More >

  4. Tree Sale Highlight: North America’s LARGEST Native Fruit!

    by Carrie Brown, Engineering Technician Last week we introduced you to a tree that you were probably already familiar with, the Ohio Buckeye. Today we will take a closer look at a tree that you may not know quite as well – the Pawpaw. Though growing in popularity, many people are shocked to discover that North America’s largest edible nativeRead More >

  5. Fairfield SWCD Tree Sale Begins February 1, 2021: Tree Highlights

    By Carrie Brown, Engineering Technician In the wild, Ohio Buckeyes typically occur in moist – but not perpetually wet – bottomlands, often along streams and floodplains. They perform best in moist locations with deep, well-drained soil but are quite adaptable. The Ohio Buckeye is an understory tree in its native habitat, so it can withstand, and even prefers, partial shade.Read More >

  6. SWCD Tree Seedling Sale

    Deadline to order is Monday, March 15, 2021. Due to inventory limitations, if you are interested in ordering more than 200 seedlings of the same species, please contact Fairfield Soil & Water for availability. Interested in a species not listed? Special orders must be a minimum of 100 of the same species and dependent on nursery availability. Online orders canRead More >

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  1. Native Plant Workshop

    The workshop planned for April 2020 will be postponed until 2021. We will announce the date once scheduled. If you would like to receive an invitation, please email goingnative@fairfieldswcd.org.

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