Tile or Subsurface Drainage

What is Field Tile? Tile is a component in many of the practices we use including along grassed waterways, overflows for springs/watering facilities, WASCOBs, etc. It aids to drain water from the soil profile and is ideally 3’ deep for optimum drainage and as to not be crushed with the weight of large equipment. Whole field tile systems can also be designed. Most often spacing between tile laterals ranges from 30’-50’ in crop fields. Vineyards have been designed as close as 10’ apart.   The Fairfield SWCD charges for tile plans, please contact the SWCD office for more information. Shown below are different types of inlets: catch basin, hickenbottom riser with beehive type top to prevent debris from getting into tile. The orifice prevents tile from being pressurized. Also shown below is a tile outlet with an animal guard to prevent rodents from climbing into tile.