The Fairfield Soil and Water Conservation District’s goal is to conserve species diversity, protect habitats, and provide wildlife education and technical assistance to all county residents.

Fairfield County plays host to a large diversity of plants and animals thanks to a wide array of habitat types.  The wooded hills and valleys of unglaciated territory surrounding Sugar Grove and Bremen, the rolling farm ground near Baltimore and Amanda, and even the urban landscapes of Pickerington and Lancaster all provide unique opportunities for different species of wildlife to thrive.  Since the year 2000, over 15 state-listed animals have been observed in Fairfield County, and information regarding state-listed plants found in the county will be available soon.

If you are experiencing a wildlife related problem, please visit our human/wildlife conflicts page or contact our Wildlife Specialist.

How to file a deer damage complaint – If you are experiencing deer damage to commercial crops, trees or personal property and would like to apply for a Deer Damage Control Permit through the Ohio Division of Wildlife, please fill out the online deer damage complaint form.

Fish Kill? If you are experiencing a large fish kill in your pond or stream, please contact the SWCD office immediately.  Determining what has caused the incident is much easier to do the sooner we are notified.

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