Storm Water Pollution Reduction

Fairfield County Regional Planning Commission: Storm Water Advisory and Educational Subcommittee meeting minutes.

Subcommittee typically meets in November.

What should you as a landowner in an MS4 Community know?

  • Anything that enters a storm drain is eventually discharged UNTREATED into a local water body! Learn more about storm water in our blog post, Only Rain Down the Drain.
  • Don’t dump yard waste in streams and ditches.
  • Use the right rate of fertilizer on your yard.  Soil testing is offered at the local OSU Extension office.
  • Pick-up-Poop – Don’t dump pet wastes in streams and ditches.
  • Don’t dump oil or antifreeze.
  • How to dispose of paint.
  • Rain barrels and rain gardens.
  • If you are regrading your property or building a new structure, you should stabilize the site and place protective devices to keep sediment from entering streams and ditches.
  • Household Septic Aeration System Maintenance
    • Inside the City of Pickerington and Canal Winchester contact Franklin County Public Health – Water Quality Program at (614) 525-3929 or visit their website.
    • All other residents contact the Fairfield Department of Health – Environmental Health (740) 652-2813 or visit their website.
  • Ohio Rain Garden Guide
  • Looking for Storm Water resources?
  • Ohio Drainage Laws